3G @ Mapawa Nature Park

MARCH 10, 2013 — It was the first time that I joined in an outing trip with my officemates. Well, I am relatively new in the company, so I was kind of like in the adjustment period during the first months. Enough of my first ever job drama, that’s discussed in a different page.

Sometime in February (or was it early March), the 3G group was formed. I don’t exactly know how or why we came to, but I think — we just did. We had common interests, that’s for sure. We like to have fun!

Planning the trip

There’s this place at somewhere at Cugman called Mapawa Nature Park. It is owned by the Pelaez family, a prominent family in Cagayan de Oro City. Everybody wanted a break from the stressful everyday routine at work. A breathe of fresh mountain air would be a good way to de-stress. So, Mapawa it was!

We had our final meeting while sitting at the backyard garden of the Logistics office  — green and grass all over. 🙂

It’s the first ever official outing of the 3G group so everyone’s excited.

BTW, you might be wondering why we named our group over a wireless network technology…the story’s up next!

Getting There

We rented a multicab — it’s like a mini version of the Philippine’s jeepney that can ride up to 15 people. Since it’s quite small, we all snuggled inside with all our food and stuff. While we’re at it, we started documenting the trip. Of course, picture taking galore!

And the cab doesn’t make it…

Bad news: The road was too steep and rough, the cab can’t make it all the way to our destination.

Good news: We were only a few hundred meters away. (about 200-300, on a rough guess)

So, we had no choice but to get down the multicab and walk the rest of the way. Again, we took advantage of the opportunity by taking pictures!

I saved the kinilaw!

We had to bring all our food too because it will surely spill if we let it in the cab. I saved the kinilaw!

Quick Fact:

Kinilaw is kind of like the Filipino version of sashimi, only better! It’s actually a Raw Fish Salad, wherein the fish is cleaned, diced and soaked in vinegar, lemon or lime, and other spices. It is usually served spicy and sometimes with pepino. Generally, it’s really an appetizer. But Filipinos love kinilaw so much that they pair it with hot, steamed rice.

Kinilaw, A Native Filipino Dish (Raw Fish Salad)

Taking the Plunge

When we arrived at Mapawa Nature Park, we noticed we were the only group there. It was like our own little paradise. There was a cold spring and although it was small, the flowing water from what looked like a mini waterfalls was appealing.

We planned lots of trips this summer. I will make sure to keep you guys posted.

until then, you know i love you.

xoxo, P. 


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