Common Questions on How to Make A Website

Are you an emerging entrepreneur or a businessman who wanted to expand your business and make a name? Do you know how to make a website?


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Imagine this situation…

You are driving along a bypass road and you see this huge billboard for Steve’s Gourmet. The billboard says that the establishment specializes in home-made products and caters for various occasions. Under the name of the establishment, you see where the store is located, you also see its phone numbers and its website address which is As you went on driving, you remember that an old friend is looking for a establishment that caters home-made dishes. Now, which of the three information of the Steve’s Gourmet will you remember? The location, phone number or website?

Yes, websites are easier to remember than addresses and phone numbers. So if you are contemplating on expanding your business, consider ideas on how to make a website first.

In making a website, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. Who is my target audience?
  2. What kinds of browsers are most often used by these people?
  3. How will my website look when viewed on different browsers?
  4. How would I organize the contents of my website to make it cohesive and to bring oneness of ideas?
  5. Should I use the various links on my website and what links do I want to have?
  6. Are the text links, background colors, designs, and themes compliment with each other?
  7. Are my texts easy to read?
  8. Should I use different languages to cater different audience?
  9. Would I consider revising and enhancing my website in the future?
  10. How to make a website that will last longer even if the scenes and trends of the world are changing?

Considering these few questions will help you maintain a website that will not only benefit you but that of others also. You also need to consider designing a web page.

First, you need to sign up for an account that provides several levels of web page packages. There are, however, free web page options but with limited features. In time, you can upgrade this one but of course you have to pay by then.

The benefit of choosing the free web page packages is you will have a chance to try on different methods without cost.

Once you already have a domain name, a hosting page, have installed a web press, and have created a web page design, you can now advertise your site!

The easiest way to promote your website is through search engine optimization or SEO. You construct the contents of your website so that it lines well in search engines. This is a bit difficult but it is cost-effective and will allow you to yield good results if you work hard on it.

You can also use the word of mouth, email, social networking sites and advertising to promote your website. You should take in your URL on all professional communications and on every occasion it makes sense in personal messages. You can place the URL also in email signatures along with your email address.

You also need to maintain your website to make it working well and up to date. It is, however, boring but you will later get used to it. You need to know the basics on how to make a website content that is upgraded.


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