Out of that Shell


Pamela B. Clavejo

Out of that Shell

In the middle of a really nerve-wracking year, I made a really heck of a decision. Nursing students, I believe, have the most-demanding schedules existing in the academe, especially in the third level. Add one organization to the pile of health-related responsibilities and you might still be good. Now add one more and you are like accepting the curse of mighty Atlas.

We never know where life will take us. Sometimes, it can even come to a point where we actually do the things that we never dreamed of. If you happened to talk to me a few weeks ago about debating in front of a really huge crowd, then I would have told you, “Might as well have Oprah do the hokey pokey or P-Noy play ring around the rosy.”

I have a hopelessly fluctuating self-esteem that goes up and down at the wrong moments in time. That was exactly the reason why I was so uncertain to join the debate team at first. The confident signing up for registration turned out to be a seven-minute speech of foolishness and nonsense.

If you feel like that too, dude, do not worry. Everybody feels like a loser once in a while, except for those who are remarkably gifted with overflowing confidence. More often than not, we all have our own version of turtle shells and comfort zones.

If that is the case, then why don’t you find an outlet where you can possibly puzzle out something you are good at. Go out of your comfort zones, move out of that shell. There is a whole world of opportunities laid out for you. All you have to do is choose and take the responsibility of choosing.

I used to tell myself, “I am just a writer, no more, no less. I am definitely not a debater and I definitely cannot do both. No matter how I really wanted to debate, I honestly have a problem with public speaking.” But I left my cozy turtle shell, and tried on a whole new endeavor. In the end, I found out that I can be the person I wanted to be, and even more. Though I am not yet the type of debater who debates on almost anything debatable, I am more than willing to learn about arguments, standards and proposals and all that debate stuff.

You do not need to start out really good, as I did. What I have learned is that we only need passion to pursue what we are doing and patience to learn from our mistakes. Wisdom is earned in time.

There are a lot of things that interest us. Moreover, we tend to dwell on those things that we already are settled in but are not making us progress. We oftentimes think that this is all that we can do. For instance, if you are fond of making a diary, writing a journal or blogging on the internet, then sure enough you can also write and join in your school publication; or if you are the one who can actually sing but is just reticent to show people what you have, might as well join the Glee Club or Dance Troupe in your school and rest assured that you are not only discovering the world and yourself but is making other people happy as well; or if you are the type who is going geeky grabbing lunch because in your mind you are seriously arguing whether Jollibee or McDonalds is better than the other, then you are one potential debater.

If you are thinking that these extra-curricular activities will interfere with your studies and all that, I believe it won’t if you only have proper time management. Learning the art of balancing a tray of responsibilities is a trick that we should all master in the long run for us to know how to handle things at a time.

Who says life is all sweet and undemanding? Honey, we cannot just lay back and relax. We have to work our way out. It is not a stress-free road, but the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is sure grand if we just move out of our shells.

Point is we do not always have to settle for prearranged stuff. Explore, learn and experience. It will take us a long way.


Kudos, kudos!

Because of the CU-Nursing Debate Team, I learned that everything works according to God’s amazing blueprints. We may question why and how He drafted them but every stroke is intended to address our every need.

After all was said and done, my first debate competition turned out to be good. Although it was quite a pretty creepy experience, our coach, Ms. Sigrid Joy Talampas made every moment educational and entertaining at the same time. My teammates, who can make sizzling arguments into funny blah-blahs, made the whole competition so fun. Thanks to pretty, little Jay Ann Pabelonia, ever maldita Huemer Uy, multi-talented Angel Carbajal, cute and sweet Shiella Agsaoay, and, my cool officemate Jeff Keiser Siason. Not to forget our adjudicator, Jairus Magdadaro, what would we do without him? My special thanks is also extended to Karl Labitad, who taught us the most important trick of the trade, and our former EIC, Dariza Flor Pineda for staying up the whole night helping us prepare and matter load.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage students out there to join the world of debating and you will see debate could turn a boring discussion into a really cool exchange of arguments and propositions.

May Athena’s wisdom, Ares’ courage, Zeus’ strength, and Aphrodite’s charm and love be upon us all!

P.S. May Hades’ skill of trickery and deception be upon CU debaters! (LOL)

Do you want to be part of the Capitol Chronicle and be a person behind-the-scene? Or do you want to really speak out your mind and join our debate society? Either way, send me a message through Facebook. Its pamie.clavejo@yahoo.com, just let me know!


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