It takes two to tango

It takes two to tango, as the old adage goes. Relationship is all about giving and taking. Its not just about me or you. Its about us and ours. ❤

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I love every inch of you :)

How foolish it is to think that we love only with our hearts. The heart is just an organ with a job to do, a quote to fill. When I love, I don’t want to love with a blood-pumping machine. I want to love with every inch of my body. I will love you with my knees and my fingertips, with my elbows and my collarbones, with my freckles and my knuckles, with my wrinkles and my scars. And I will love you with all the spaces in between. With all my heart, body and soul.

Love Rules

On Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationships. the most important thing is how you can both maintain the connection and the passion. ♥

A-B-C-D, I Love U

A-B-C-D I LOVE U. :))