Live your life to the fullest!

I live life to the fullest. I enjoy everything that I do. I find happiness in simple things. I cry in times that i fall down. But I stand up and find a reason to continue fighting and living. .I am ambitious, I look at the future with bright eyes. I always prioritize my family and my friends over everything. I value all those whom I love. I am no pretender and I am deeply appreciated by the people who loves me truly. 🙂


live, laugh, cry ! Enjoy all the drama ! 🙂

►I am influential
and persuasive.◄

I use my powers
for good.
I excel
at solving
other people’s problems.◄

I do
get a little selfish
and persuade people
to do things that
are only in my interest.◄

►I am usually
the best at everything …
I strive for

►I am confident,
and aggressive.◄

►I am confident,
self assured,
and capable.
I am not
easily intimidated.◄

►I master any
and all skills easily.
I don’t have to
work hard for
what I want.◄

►I make my life
out to be exactly
how I want it.
And I’ll knock down
who gets in my way!◄

►I am friendly,
and warm.
I get along with
almost everyone.◄

►I work hard
not to rock the boat.
My easy going attitude
brings people together.◄

►At times,
I can be a little flaky
and irresponsible.
But for the important things,
I pull it

►I am relaxed,
chill, and
very likely to go
with the flow.◄

►I am light hearted
and accepting.
I don’t get worked up

►Well adjusted
incredibly happy,
many people wonder

what my secret to life is.◄


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