Best Veotch Evah

Coz it’s your birthday, you deserve more than just a Facebook post. So here’s a blog post for you. Watch out, it’s gonna be super throwback to the point to near embarrassment! But since it’s your birthday, you’re prolly in a good mood! haha!

Our Friendship in Brief (not the underwear)


According to social media history, KC and I have been friends since October 2011. But that was only because Facebook came a little bit later in our lives. When we met, it was still the Friendster Age. And way back, we all thought that Friendster was the coolest. Now it sounds so ancient and that makes me feel just so old.


We met coz we were both newbies at our University’s school publication – The Capitol Chronicle. We were both writers at that time and we had assignments together. She was still a Lebanese then. Haha! (Admit it V!) We weren’t exactly close then. I’m not sure when we started getting close. Do you remember V?

One thing’s for sure. We had a passion for pretty stuff, girly things, the likes. And margaritas and parties and having a really good time.


KC’s Obsession


Selfies. Selfies. Selfies.

Even before that word was coined and got popular in social media hashtags (hell, this was even before hashtags!),KC loveeesss #Selfies.

The pouty-lips kinda selfies.

Check out this photo way back 2009.

Life is like a rock. It’s hard. 

As with all friendships, it was not perfect. We fought. A lot, actually. Coz we’re both maldita that way!


But the good thing (and I will never forget) about KC, is that she always says sorry FIRST. hahaha. I’m such a meanie. Lol.

Once, we fought over an article on the day before my Debut. I officially UNinvited her. Then she showed up at my house with a plus one. haha!

Then, we had one major fight that didn’t involve any confrontation or trash talks or whatever. It was the kind that just happens. We didn’t talk for months. Again, she was the one who said sorry first in Facebook.

It doesn’t mean that I take her for granted though…it’s just that…hehe. you know you love me.

And as the years went by, we had more selfies.

KC copy

We grew up and learned how to put on make up.

KC copy 2

We learned to accept responsibility.


And that no matter what happens, our philosophy remains.


How the years went by. How quickly the moments turned to memories.


It seems only yesterday that you didn’t like boys and I was a hopeless romantic. Now were both moving on from being teenagers to adults (ahem, getting married). Are we?? haha!! Promise me one thing, we’ll both be there on each other’s wedding. The only question is, who gets to be bridesmaid first??!! LOL.

We’ll celebrate soonest. Happy birthday Veotch. You know you love me, and you know I love you.

xoxo, Veotch Pamie