happy snowmen!

this is an amazingly fun dessert that is suuuper easy to make. :))

i dont really know what this <—— is made of but here’s my revised recipe.

Pastillas Snowmen


powdered milk and condensed milk; white sugar (fine); creamsticks in different flavors; marshmallows and jelly; and fine barbeque sticks


1. put the powdered and condensed milk together until you get a firm dough-like mixture.

2. roll the pastillas mixture into 3 different snowball sizes (small, medium, and large).

3. stick the pastillas together in your bbq stick. the large one goes first, followed by the medium, and then the small one.

4. roll or sprinkle the balls with white sugar until its fully coated.

5. freeze it until its firm. 🙂

then decorate it.

6. put a hat to your snowman by sticking a marshmallow or a jelly.

7. make a scarf using the creamsticks (this comes in different colors). the principle is much like putting an icing.

8. finish it up and make ur snowman look like one (eyes, nose and all). ♥

there you go!

these are great for parties and the kids will love it. ♥ HAPPY HOLIDAYS♥


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