Survival mode – endless!


Pamela B. Clavejo

Survival mode – endless!

3 AM, Tuesday (one cold early morning) – Have you ever played Plants vs. Zombies? This strategic, PC game has become the new craze in town, invading the minds of students as a way of diverting their attention from the stressors of everyday. Admittedly, I am one of those who got hooked to this game and it is quite amazing to note how this mere arcade game taught me great lessons in life.

Just as the game starts with only few suns available, our own life starts with us granted with individual talents and capabilities. Then, as we go along the way, we bring these gifts into play, nurturing and developing each one. As we grow old, we improve. As the years go by, we level up. As we become more mature, our defenses become more stable; our reaction to attacks more firm.

Dealing with struggles has somehow become an everyday activity. Problems come and go, whether we like it or not. We have to accept that life comes in many packages and these packages are not the same. Happiness may come as a big, brown box tied with a red ribbon – the perfect package. But it may also come in small parcels – simple trinkets and knickknacks that cheer you up. Trials may come in glitches, mere irritants to your day, or may be as big as the Gargantuars that completely crushes your confidence.

But then again, gameover is not the time to call quit. The cruel zombies may have eaten your brains out, but hey, you can always restart the game and build another garden, equipped with more knowledge and confidence this time.

Be inspired by the Sunflower, who continues to smile and try her best to give off sunshine, despite the dire circumstances around her. Be inspired by the Tall-nut, who stands brave and strong for others to be safe. Be inspired by the puff-shrooms, the sea-shrooms and the sun-shrooms – all sparing no effort in accomplishing their purpose, no matter how small they may be.

And when you stand up and fight again, you are now armed with the greatest armor of all, experience. Plan your life garden well. Invest on the good and aim for what is not bad. Make use of the things around you. Do not make mediocrity your cup of tea; so that even if a huge wave of zombies is approaching, there is no need for you to worry.

In this ever competitive world, surviving is not a one-time pursuit. Each day we keep on playing, each day we keep on persisting. All the time, we strive for the gold, but sometimes the trophy is simply not meant for us. Yet, our goals are simply not to win but to survive each challenge, each test, and each confrontation.

In the game of life, surviving is not just until 10 flags and you got it. Surviving is endless.


Time check! The front gate says its 9:15 AM and the nursing lobby clock says its 9:20 AM. But the Administration bundy clock says something different too! Time out, synchronization check! Students and instructors alike are confused on which time to follow. I do hope they will do something about the campus clocks. I do not think it is hard to solve. People, let us not make CU a multi-time zone.


What is a beauty queen? It is not just about having a crowd-catching face, a perfectly-proportioned body and a good command over fabulous gowns and luxurious jewelries but also showing the world who you really are. It is about uplifting yourself as a woman and inspiring other people’s lives.

For this, I want to congratulate my friend, Ms. Christine Maria Cubero, a 2nd year Nursing student in this university, for being recently crowned as the Ms. Manolo Fortich 2010. Bea, as her friends love to call her, has proven that she is beautiful inside and out.

For I believe that a beauty queen means a lot more than just having the title. A beauty queen is an epitome of beauty, values and morals who serves as an inspiration to the people in the community.

I am proud of all the women who are beauty queens in their own way. I am proud of where I am today. I love Manolo Fortich!