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A Great Love

(an excerpt from a love letter to a captain from his wife)

Captain my love,

Just by thinking that we are sleeping underneath the same big sky makes my loneliness of you disappear. As wide and endless as the oceans around you, I miss you that much.

Indeed, I have loved you ever since the day we first met. I love you now as deep as the deepest sea, as pure as the purest of pearls. I shall love you until the moon loses its daughter, until the last star loses its glow.

Every time twilight drops her curtain down and pins it with a star, I find retreat in your precious letters. My love, your letters are my prized treasures, more precious than diamonds, as precious as your love. Through your words, I can feel your very presence as if there are neither mountains nor great seas that divide us apart. I content myself with the thought that one day, one sweet day you will be back in my arms again.

Whenever I see young lovers together, hand in hand, I remember the days of you and me. How perfectly happy we were! It was always like there was no tomorrow, like we were afraid to miss even a second away from each other. We were young and carefree and we have not got a care if the world would stumble upon us that very moment as long as we were together.

But darling, time and circumstances change. Sometimes, we have to accept the reality of life and the uncertainties of the future. I understand that you must pursue your ambition and that this is what you really dreamed of. Even if it breaks my heart to watch that big ship take you away from me, I will stay strong for you and your dream for our future.

Oh Captain of my heart, I will forever be a captive of you. Never will my love falter nor my trust fumble. In vain I shall not wait for I know that I am your one and only love from oceans and beyond.

Remember that our little house of dreams will always be here awaiting the return of its captain. And I sir, will always keep always the hearth warm.

And alas! Aye, Captain, I love you!

All the love,

Ella (who’s forever in love with someone far away…)

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